A Commissioned Invitation- Part 1

I got a commission for an invitation card for a common birthday party for people who have birthdays of an even decade. The location for the party has a circular rose garden.

My first thought was a cake with ten roses on it and the number 10 in the center.

My initial ball point pen sketch:

Scan of First Draft for Card

Then I did this sketch on the computer:


This was my first idea: 10 roses to represent the 10 year birthdays on a cake. My criticism of it was that the roses look more like tulips.

The clients decided against the cake idea. Also, the way the boards of the table were all the same size made it look as much as the side of a building as a table. They requested more of a botanical illustration. So, it was back to the drawing board.

-Troy Blum


Starts On Three New “Dotted” Paintings

I started three new paintings taking the approach of starting on an underpainted canvas and just almost randomly putting dots of maybe 1, 2, or 3 colors and seeing if anything suggests itself. Then, I was starting to bring out some of what I seemed to be seeing among the almost random dots.

Here’s a beginning on three paintings:

Acrylic, 17 x 17
Acrylic, 17 x 17
Acrylic, 5 x 7


Acrylic, 8 x 6
Acrylic, 8 x 6

-Troy Blum

Dotted Paintings

These paintings are all recent starts. They were made by dotting just a few different colors of paint onto the surface. I’m not sure whether to make them more definite or not, but I think they need more work. They’re a bit like eidetic images you might see with closed eyes, falling asleep.

Any comments?

-Troy Blum

Oil, 16 x 20
Oil, 24 x 30
Acrylic, 20 x 16
Acrylic, 20 x 16
Acrylic, 20 x 10